CD: Conjuror

Conjuror CDallan browne sextet
Jazzhead recording: Head161

1. for art hodes (allan browne) 13:37
2. wild bill (eugene ball) 7:32
3. swing st. suite (marc hannaford) 8:06
4. short verse to a tall man (eugene ball) 9:27
5. for griff (phil noy) 7:59
6. to a firefly (geoff hughes) 9:18
7. the flooding (marc hannaford) 12.05

eugene ball, trumpet
geoff hughes, guitar
nick haywood, acoustic bass
marc hannaford, piano
phil noy, alto sax
allan browne, drums
Recording originally commissioned for ‘Jazztrack with
Mal Stanley’, ABC Classic FM / ABC Jazz. Recorded by Mal Stanley
at ABC Studio 345, Southbank, Melbourne. Engineered, mixed
and mastered by Mal Stanley.
© extempore 2012
p Australian Broadscasting Corporation 2012
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